• Degree Required: Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering (Structures)
  • Certification: Registered Engineer and registered in one or more states
  • Experience: 10+ years’ experience in structural engineering
  • Location: -

job description

Position Overview

The VP of Engineering Operations leads engineers by creating engineering processes and workflows, training and developing the engineers, and leading with others in the firm. At Lynch Mykins each employee is vital to our success. The company is made up of Strategists, Solvers, Leaders, and Achievers. As a Solver, the VP of Operations over-see activities in Engineering and ensures the development and implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems to meet the current and future needs of the company. The VP of Operations leads all engineers. They should have prior organizational leadership experience, be able to collaborate with team members, and be a strategic problem-solver. A top-notch VP of Operations should demonstrate excellent communication skills, an innate ability to connect with other engineers, and a solid foundation in Structural Engineering. The VP of Engineering is expected to travel to each of our 5 offices regularly.

Role Requirements and Qualifications

• Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering (Structures)
• Registered Engineer and registered in one or more states
• 10+ years’ experience in structural engineering
• Received formal training in technical project management, including project financial management and scheduling
• Experience leading a team of four people or more
• Experience identifying problems and creating solutions in conversation with executive-level leadership
• Experience managing a division-level P&L

Role Expertise

• Technical expertise
• Project Management expertise
• Inspires a shared vision
• Team building skills
• Teacher
• Strategic
• Leadership skills
• Good decision maker
• Cool under pressure
• Negotiation skills
• Motivator
• Fully invested in the success of the firm
• Accountable
• Confident
• Influencer
• Confident dealing in details but can still zoom out to see the bigger picture
• Training and development
• Drives process improvement
• High integrity
• Effective communication skills
• Well-respected leader
• Written communication skills
• Presentation skills
• People Coach

Role Functions, Typical Duties, and Metrics (typical of the position but are not all-encompassing)

1. Design Director Oversight
• Lead the Design Directors and empower them, holding them accountable to train and mentor their crews.
• Provide leadership to ensure everyone speaks the same language, moves in the same direction, and maintains high-quality standards.
• Provide support to Design Directors for communicating with their Crew regarding leading productive workflow
• Meets with Design Directors monthly and as needed to distribute information on new processes
• Collect common themes regarding identified issues and provide clear process to correct issues and achieve desired future results
• Conduct performance reviews for Design Directors and participate in the Crew performance review process

2. Technical Training
• Conduct regular formal training for engineering staff on technical, project and client management issues and skills
• Lead periodic design charettes with project teams on major projects at pre-determined milestones
• Run company-wide office hours with the assistance of engineering experts
• Review competencies of engineers and provide training or mentorship if more hours are being worked than planned or projects are assigned with unfamiliar systems
• Provide workflow mentorship
• Provide competency training
• Ensure competency spreadsheet is maintained by the Design Directors and review with them on a monthly basis
• Identify Experts and ensure they continue to grow
• Meet with Project Managers regularly to ensure that competency improvements are ongoing
• Work with Finance to develop and maintain yearly training budget based on “required” conferences for the firm, and allowance for individual requests
• Work with attendees to ensure Office Hours are utilized after to share takeaways with the entire team

3. QA/QC
• Ensure sure PM’s are properly performing QA reviews prior to independent QC reviews being performed
• Implement random QA checks across the company, one per week
• Train staff on the Lynch Mykins QA methods
• Train staff on the Lynch Mykins QC methods
• Ensure staff know how important both QA and QC are to us, our clients, and our projects.
• Maintain and update the QA/QC guidelines at least once per year
• Solicit feedback quarterly

4. Risk Management
• Ensures template contracts are up to date and reviewed annually
• Review contracts and advise PM’s regarding comments, changes, consult with Insurance Carrier and others as needed
• Look for training opportunities to develop skills of staff regarding risk management
• Serve as primary internal contact for project teams regarding technical or project management issues/crisis management on projects, consult with others as needed and determine when to report potential claims to Insurance Carrier
• Check ins with PMs on change orders/project status
• Encourage people to reach out when issues
• Maintain Risk Management spreadsheet
• Active in CASE and continue to develop knowledge on best business and risk management practices

5. Financial Operations
• Engineering Division P&L responsibility, driving both top-line and bottom-line growth
• Lead project financials (Project Realization and Profitability) and train project leads on how to perform projects on-time and on-budget
• Responsible for engineers meeting or exceed all Key Results Areas (KRA) including Project Profitability, Billing Goals, A/R, Realization, and Utilization
• Provide recommendations to strategists for modifying KRAs to drive business results
• Monitor and validate backlog and fee projections on an on-going basis to ensure the company can continue to meet or exceed our strategic goals

6. Employee Productivity and Success
• Determines and teaches LM standards for project success
• Evaluates processes and collaborates closely with Engineers, BIM, and SI to channel feedback into future trainings and improved guidelines and processes
• Monitors and encourages communication plans/expectations for Crews
• Holds professional development and project management teaching sessions company-wide every quarter
• Works with engineers one-on-one to increase efficiency, task prioritization, and client management
• Works closely with the All-In-Director to determine engineer utilization and capacity for the purpose of pursuing new work and evaluating backlog
• Develop and administer guidelines and processes for performing engineering services (including standardizing calculations, software programs and spreadsheets) across all offices
• Maintain, schedule, and deliver company Standard Operating Procedures for project management to ensure consistency
• Mentors and coaches’ engineers based on the engineer’s needs; is available to engineers according to the engineer’s experience and ability
• Travels to other offices to engage with engineers to evaluate project performance, establish areas of growth, and assist with project-specific challenges
• Provide guidance and serve as a mentor to current and aspiring Project Managers
• Create, schedule, and deliver training programs on project workflow for employee development. Duties will include identifying skills or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed; introducing new technologies; maintaining and updating curriculum database with lessons learned and best practices and industry technical changes and advancements
• Lead engineering workload resourcing-prioritizes the workflow and adjusts staffing as required to meet established schedules and staff competency
• Coaches staff on how to manage a project between offices and within project budgets. Coordinates staffing assignments for work shared between offices
• Identify experts to be responsible for staying current with their topic of specialty. Reviews and approves periodic reports from “experts” relating to design and engineering issues
• Performs QA/QC reviews of projects
• Leads, with the assistance of Design Directors, Engineering Process Training and other training for engineering staff
• Administrative and other duties assigned by the CEO and Strategists

7. Business Development and Client Touchpoints
• Works with All-In Director to translate all-in strengths to project management and client communication
• Attend industry events, client contact for Business Development – nurture and grow the relationships and the team
• Continue reach outs for teaming/Cosential Updating

Additional metrics and goals may be added as the needs of the company, its culture, and its clients may change.

Candidate Requirements