• Degree Required: Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering (Structures)
  • Certification: Registered Engineer and registered in one or more states
  • Experience: 10+ years’ experience in structural engineering
  • Location: -

job description

Position Overview

At Lynch Mykins each employee is vital to our success. The company is made up of Strategists, Solvers, Leaders, and Doers. As a Leader, the Design Director manages Doers and collaborates with Strategists and Solvers to ensure that we combine strategic thinking, creative design, and superior client service to deliver the skill, experience, and passion needed to ensure the success of Lynch Mykins.

Role Requirements and Qualifications:

· Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering (Structures)

· Registered Engineer and registered in one or more states

· 10+ years’ experience in structural engineering

· Received formal training in technical project management, including project financial management and scheduling

· Experience leading a team of four people or more

· Experience interacting with executive-level leadership

Role Expertise

• Technical expertise
• Inspires a shared vision
• Team building skills
• Strategic
• Leadership skills
• Good decision maker
• Cool under pressure
• Negotiation skills
• Motivator
• Fully invested in the success of the firm
• Accountable
• High integrity
• Effective communication skills
• Well-respected leader
• Written communication skills
• Presentation skills

Role Functions, Typical Duties, and Metrics (typical of the position but are not all-encompassing)

Crew Management:

•Has the overall responsibility for your engineering crew (maximum of 6 people) assigned to them for technical and client guidance. Day-to-day training to elevate your crew members. (Provide guidance to your Crew members on any questions they have. This is not limited to projects that you are the PM on)

Typical Duties (typical of the position but are not all-encompassing)

•Day-to-day examples but not limited to:

    •Prioritization of tasks and management of time for crew members

    •Train/support engineering efficiency

    •Train/support client management

    •Train/support the QA process

    •Train/support the QC process

    •Train/support on detailing and constructability

    •Train/support on Project Process/Project Management

· Report all risks and issues to the EVP of Engineering

· DD acts as the technical expert in the Crew

· Assists with increasing the technical competencies of the Crew, communicates to the EVP of Engineering if additional training is needed

· Communicates any morale or personal development issues as soon as they are identified to the Project Success Director or HR Manager

· Ensures that Crew members are adequately trained to assume the responsibilities associated with their respective positions

· Encourages and motivates the Crew to participate in the All-In model

· Assist with reinforcing good client management techniques and helps execute local business development plans

· Motivates the Crew to participate in the LM Culture. Communicates to the Director of Culture if you see a crew member fighting the fun!

· Take initiative! A DD is willing and able to step in and “get the job done” no matter the scope of the work to ensure the success of their Crew

· Participates in annual reviews of your Crew

Project Management:

· Proficiency in project management including financial performance and client satisfaction. Is responsible for the overall supervision of projects which are assigned to them. Assures that the project conforms to the commitments the firm has made to the client and that the project is completed within the allocated time period and within the monetary budget that has been assigned. The Project Manager is generally responsible for several concurrent projects and the supervision of staff assigned to that project.

Typical Duties (typical of the position but are not all-encompassing)

· You are required to do whatever it takes to help deliver quality products on schedule

· Do quality assurance on all projects

· Follow the quality control procedures

· Prepares fee proposals for new projects

· Participates in presentations to clients and in project coordination meetings.

· Calculates costs and time schedules for proposed work

· Assigns duties and schedules to team members, and is responsible for maintaining schedule and quality

· Answers questions and gives daily guidance to the team

· Checks all engineering and drafting for accuracy

· Frequently contacts the client to manage the client’s expectations

· Recognizes problems quickly and fixes them. Seeks advice from others when needed

· Acts as a technical advisor and helps develop the technical competence of project team members

· Is responsible for ensuring that written communication to clients is adequate, timely, and appropriate

· Monitors work of sub-consultants, if applicable

· Makes recommendations to clients for design changes to improve the economy, quality, and constructability of projects

· Monitors project scope and budget and performs monthly billing reviews and projected billings

· Meets or exceeds monthly billing goals

· Maintains primary responsibility for projects through the Construction Administration Phase, including shop drawing reviews, monitoring of Special Inspections, responses to RFI's, etc.

· Manages the Accounts Receivable for their projects and contacts clients regarding the status of outstanding invoices

· Manages the profitability of projects and realization ratio

· Meet utilization requirements

· Maintains liaison with the client after project completion and promotes follow-on business opportunities

· Performs independent quality control checks on projects

· Serves as the Professional Engineer responsible for Special Inspections on projects

· Holds project team accountable to company processes

· Provide guidance on the prioritization of tasks and time management

· Manage workflow of projects

· Provide guidance on efficiencies in workflow

· Develop project story after the project is completed


Additional metrics and goals may be added as the needs of the company, its culture, and its clients may change.

Candidate Requirements