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job description

Position Overview:

At Lynch Mykins each employee is vital to our success. The company is made up of Strategists, Solvers, Leaders, and Doers. As a Solver, the Vice President of Operations oversee activities in Engineering, BIM, and SI and ensuring the development and implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems to meet current and future needs of the company.  The VP of Operations should have prior organizational leadership experience, be able to collaborate with team members, and be a strategic problem-solver. Ultimately, a top-notch VP of Operations should demonstrate excellent communication skills, an innate ability to connect with other engineers and developers, and have a solid foundation in software design.

Role Requirements and Qualifications: 

-Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering (Structures)
-Registered Engineer and registered in one or more states
-10+ years’ experience in structural engineering
-Received formal training in technical project management, including project financial management and scheduling
-Experience leading a team of four people or more
-Experience identifying problems and creating solutions in conversation with executive-level leadership

Role Expertise:

-Technical expertise
-Inspires a shared vision (see below)
-Team building skills
-Leadership skills
-Good decision maker
-Cool under pressure
-Negotiation skills
-Fully vested in the success of the firm
-High integrity
-Effective communication skills
-Well-respected leader
-Written communication skills
-Presentation skills  

Role Functions, Typical Duties, and Metrics: (typical of the position but are not all-encompassing)

1. Solver Team Participation:

-Participate in Solver Team meetings to align progress and proposed solutions with overall company strategy and goals 
-Communicate solutions to engineering crews with a consistent and aligned message – No silos
-Get feedback from the Solver Team members on difficult issues; make decisions on how to proceed 
-Jointly responsible for the overall engagement and growth of engineers, BIM, and SI
-Travels to other offices to engage with engineers to evaluate project performance, establish areas of growth, and assist with project specific-challenges


2. Design Director Oversight

-Provide support to Design Directors for communicating with their Crew regarding leading productive workflow
-Meets with Design Directors monthly to distribute information on new processes
-Collect common themes regarding identified issues and provide clear process to correct future results

 3. Financial Operations:

-Lead project financials (Project Realization and Profitability) and provide reports to Project Leads for action
-Maintain oversight of project lead billing goals in alignment with companywide metrics
-Monitor and keep current companywide fee projections, ensuring backlog of awarded projects is up to date

4. Employee Productivity and Success:

-Work closely with Engineers, BIM, and SI channeling feedback into future trainings and improved guidelines and processes
-Monitors and encourages communication plans/expectations for Crews
-Holds professional development and project management teaching sessions company-wide every quarter
-Works with engineers, BIM, and SI one-on-one to increase efficiency, task prioritization, and client management
-In partnership with EVP of Engineering develop and administer guidelines and processes for performing engineering services (including standardizing calculations) across all offices
-Maintain, schedule, and deliver company Standard Operating Procedures for project management to ensure consistency
-Provide guidance and serve as a mentor to current and aspiring Project Managers
-Works with engineers one-on-one to increase engineering efficiency, task prioritization, and client management
-Create, schedule, and deliver training programs on project workflow for employee development. Duties will include identifying skills or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed; introducing new technologies; maintaining and updating curriculum database with lessons learned and best practices and industry technical changes and advancements
-One on One Project Management training and coaching


5. Business Development and Client Touchpoints:

-Works with All-In Director to translate all-in strengths to project management and client communication


6. Performance Metrics

-60% billable

Additional metrics and goals may be added as the needs of the company, its culture, and its clients may change.

Candidate Requirements