• Degree Required: Associates or Bachelor or 2 years equivalent experience
  • Location: CORPORATE
  • Job Status: Exempt

job description

Admit it. Most people hiring executive assistants can make life miserable. Most people who take on an EA job find themselves scrambling for something different within a few months because of poor communication, huge egos, unreal expectations – a real nightmare.

We’ve got something different. Something exciting! We’re looking for our CEO’s CEO (like Alfred is to Batman). Not a paper-pushing, phone answering, memo-taping, rolodex-flipping admin. We’re looking for an executive-level thinker and leader.

Someone loyal, with the gravitas and skillsets than come in handy when your boss is a rule-breaking, pusher of boundaries, inventor and rethinker of the norm. Your executive is a multi-award-winning, disrupter of an industry that’s been the same for over 100 years before she entered it. And she wants her Alfred so she can keep on doing what she does best!

Our CEO’s CEO will have the skills to be two steps ahead, asking the smart questions, reliable, and truly connected to the executive they serve. Someone with ideas, who can develop programs and processes. Someone with personality and unflappable communication skills. Maybe your closet and your calendar are organized by color? Maybe you convinced your “outlaws” to sponsor Holiday vacation in Hawaii? Right on. Right on.



Candidate Requirements

You’ll most likely to find success in this role if you have honed these skills:

1. Communication – Not the list-checking kind of communication. Excellent communication! Thoughtful, relevant, common-sense communication - the most important dimension of success throughout our company. You’ll learn to speak and write in brand, creating a great image of the company and the talent you represent. Letters, emails, meeting minutes, memos, face-to-face – instinctively knowing the purpose of every communication, how information will be used, what to capture, and how to distribute. You listen, ask smart pro-active questions, and are diplomatic in all exchanges. You’re the communication liason, representing the executive to others inside and outside the enterprise.

2. Exceptional Organizational Skills – You anticipate that which has not been articulated. Not a mind-reader, but sort of. When you’re truly connected with your executive, and you care, it’s easy to anticipate what’s needed next with speed, accuracy, and forward-thinking. You easily distill information – able to sift through the fluff to know what’s important and how to move forward efficiently. You’re able to switch gears easily, responsive, and able to prioritize and complete tasks in the ways that make the most sense. You plan ahead, keeping yourself and your CEO prepared and organized daily. You love keeping your workspaces organized and tidy.

3. Superb Professionalism – You’re everyone’s friend. And everyone wants to be your friend because when you communicate you do it with anyone, at any level, with respect, discretion, and an even temper. From other executives to the cleaning crew. You’re a master at human connection and you LOVE it!

4. Outstanding Collaborative Skills – You’re a consensus builder, an offerer of support and assistance, sharer of helpful information, and willing to do what it takes to help your executive achieve her goals! You view yourself as a partner to your executive. You consider her accomplishments your own and work smart to meet deadlines, achieve objectives, and produce results. You bring forth well-thought-out ideas that can move her goals forward. She sees her goals as yours and is grateful for your commitment to them.

5. Willingness to Learn – You go the extra mile to learn fast and you’re savvy enough to be resourceful with every assignment. If you don’t know, your first instinct is to go figure it out. You know the importance of the mission of the enterprise and how to connect with it in your daily work – allowing it to guide you and your executive in decisions and priorities every day. You’re a curious observer of people and things, so you research, keep up with current events, read up on the industry, find out what you don’t know. You always care enough to know more and have always invested in your own personal growth.

6. Data Synthesis – It’s fun for you to take in lots of information and quickly know what’s important and what’s not. Then, you make your priorities and next steps and move along. It’s easy for you to actively think about what’s sensible, where to place information, delegate tasks, generate consensus, and identify next steps in a process.

7. Reliable – If you’re not winning, you’re learning. You don’t let errors or failure get you down. You’re forthcoming with truth. You pick up and keep going. You’re optimistic, energetic, and excited to show up in support of your executive’s mission no matter what. It’s easy for you to earn the trust of your executive and your peers because you have the reputation of being a man/woman of your word. When you say you’re going to do something, you do, and people love this about you. You promote the mission and the brand of the enterprise. You live it like your executive does. You have the cerebral strength to reset and change your own thinking when you know you need a shift to keep challenges and people in alignment with your executive’s goals. Steady. Solid.

Sound like your biography? If you’re connecting with our Alfred, we want to know you!