• Experience: 3+ years
  • Location: RALEIGH, NC
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Job Status: Immediate

job description

At Lynch Mykins each employee is vital to our success. The company is made up of Strategists, Solvers, Leaders, and Achievers. As an Achiever, the Accounts Receivable & Billing Specialist Gets Things Done, and is essential to helping others get things done, while delivering exceptional customer service both internally and externally.

The Accounts Receivable & Billing Specialist’s main area of focus is delighting our customer through delivering accurate and timely invoicing, so that clients approve and pay quickly. This role will regularly communicate and interface with our client’s accounting teams, and must be extremely capable at fast-paced and effective communication and exceptional customer service skills.

Client billing accuracy
Relationship building with client counterparts
Accounts receivable collections
Cool under pressure
Fast paced
Super detail oriented
Motivated by perfection
Fully vested in client & firm success
Impeccable honesty & integrity
Effective communication skills
Well-respected among peers and leaders

Typical Duties:

- Client billing – (50%)

     -Lead monthly client billing process.

     -Oversee Project Administrators to ensure billing QC is completed on-time and accurately.
     -Prepare monthly billing instructions file.
     -Help troubleshoot project & billing terms Deltek set up.
     -Complete data entry for monthly billings.
     -Perform final billing QC check.
     -Generate automated invoice emails.
     -Respond to client inquiries.
     -Generate special “designer” invoices or submit invoices to client portals as needed.
     -Maintain accurate and up-to-date record of client-specific invoicing requirements.
     -Assist Project Leads with resolving unbilled time on inactive projects.

-Accounts receivable – (35%)

     -Triage communications arriving in the Billings email inbox. Follow up with internal teams as needed to quickly resolve issues and questions.

     -Resolve all client inquiries within 2 business days.
          -Respond to lien waiver requests
          -Respond to certificates of insurance (COI) requests
          -Provide payment instructions to clients
          -Set up and send secure credit card payment links to clients, and follow up to be sure they have made the payment

     -Generate monthly statements (paper and e-statements).
          -Record responses from clients regarding payment status
          -Follow up with clients who are missing invoice copies
          -Update client contact information

     -Hold A/R check-ins with Project Leads.
          -Direct the project leads how to follow up with clients on outstanding invoice balances.
          -Collect the results of project lead reach-outs.

     -Communicate with client accounting teams to collect additional information on payment status and triage requests to project teams when needed.

     -Escalate collections issues internally to finance lead.

-Manage project, client, and invoice records in Deltek (assist with billing terms set up, contract verification, new client set up, and maintenance of contact information for clients and projects. (5%)

-Participate in new project lead training – Support VP of Finance in training new project leads. Present on the project lead’s role as it relates to finance, including billings review, A/R collections, and anything else as needed. (5%)

-ERP Reporting – Produce accurate reports as needed from Deltek and other business systems for all aspects of the business. (<5%)

-Project Closeout – Assist Project Administration and Resource Manager with project closeout to ensure all labor is billed and all A/R is collected.

-Other duties as assigned.


Position Metrics:

Accurate and timely invoices are essential for the effectively generating cash flow so that we can fulfill the Lynch Mykins Mission, Vision, and Values. To support that, metrics are:

-On-time and Accurate Invoicing: 100% on time and accurate every time

-Client Response Time: How many days does it take to resolve client issues, usually with billing or contract setup? Goal – 2 business days.

-Days Sales Outstanding: How long does it take to collect money from our clients? Goal – DSO less than 90.

Additional metrics and goals may be added as the needs of the company, its culture, and its clients may change.

Candidate Requirements

Degree qualified (preferably in finance or accounting)

3+ years’ experience in accounting, finance, and other related functions

Advanced Microsoft Excel skills

Loves data and accuracy